~Classic Comics Sunday~

Those ’70s Comics: 239

Inspired by episode 321 – “Fez Dates Donna”

Comments: In the episode, Hyde’s motives during the B storyline can be read superficially: he simply wants to win the bet, enjoys being an ass to Kelso, and annoying Jackie in the process is a bonus. These are the motivations the writers probably intended, but because That ‘70s Show is a show where the characters grow and change, Hyde’s behavior can – and, I believe, should – be interpreted within the whole context of his relationship history with Jackie, not in isolation from it.

Today’s comic does just that. Hyde’s –as of yet – seemingly unrequited feelings for Jackie and his frustration that she’s gone back to Kelso, the man who hurt her terribly and whom Hyde comforted Jackie about for months, motivates him to try to mess with Jackie and Kelso’s relationship. Winning the bet money would merely be a bonus. 

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