I’m working on a new One Difference story (that I’m having a lot of fun writing), so I decided to post links to the One Difference stories I’ve written.

1. One Difference: Hyde Doesn’t Lie (about the Kiss in “Jackie Bags Hyde”)

Hyde tells Jackie the truth about their Veteran’s Day kiss, but his choice alters their relationship — and the lives around them.

Rated: T

2. One Difference: Kitty Is Pregnant

Kitty is pregnant, and Eric begins to fear for his sanity. The impending
new addition leads Hyde to a family-altering decision, one that no one
is happy about.

Rated: T

3. One Difference: Hyde Catches Jackie (Kissing the Cheese Guy)

Kelso forgets to pick Jackie up from work … again. Feeling neglected,
she falls into the arms of her boss, only to be caught in a
transgressive lip-lock by Steven Hyde.

Rated: T

4. One Difference: Donna and Kelso Have a Fling

Believing she’s lost Eric forever, Donna accepts Kelso’s offer to have a
fun, commitment-free fling. They plan on keeping it a secret, but
Jackie and Hyde’s own summer secret complicates matters.

Rated: M

5. One Difference: Jackie Doesn’t Go to the Water Tower

Jackie doesn’t go to the water tower the night her friends deface it.
Her absence leads to a life-shattering discovery, one she blames Hyde

Rated: T

6. One Difference: Donna Doesn’t Date a Kelso

Point Place High declares Eric its Most Eligible Viking, and he wants to
date other people. Jackie tries to set Donna up with Kelso’s brother,
but Donna’s interest lies elsewhere.

Rated: T

7. Welcome to Hydeville (or One Difference: Hyde Doesn’t Toss Jackie’s Bag)

When Jackie tries to prove her coolness to Hyde, Hyde shows her just how uncool life with him would be.

Rated: M

8. One Difference: Hyde Goes to Kelso’s Ice Shack

Kelso plans to get Jackie back by taking her to his uncle’s “fabulous”
cabin in the woods. He has everything in place — the right lie, the right
couple to emulate — but an unexpected variable threatens to dismantle his
scheme: Steven Hyde.

Rated: T

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