Moments with Hyde and Jackie during this time (between 3×08 and 5×01) are both few and sporadic, but there are still some sweet moments if you squint hard enough.

I adore Jackie’s small smile towards Hyde when he speaks proudly about his car – taking into account his background, the Camino is pretty much the only thing Hyde owns that is “his”. It is also given to him by pretty much the only adult (aside from the Forman’s, obviously) who cares about him. I like to think that Jackie understands him enough that the significance of the car is not lost on her – she looks genuinely happy for him to have something to call his own. But, does anyone else think that her smile looks a little pained? Perhaps Jackie would like to be the best thing that ever happened to him… (*cough cough* get together already, please).

This is also the episode wherein Kelso decides that the best way to win Jackie back is through being her friend – Donna, Eric and Hyde have a good laugh about seeing it blow up in his face. Hyde is still smiling when he looks back to where Jackie and Kelso have just left from, but his smile starts to die pretty quickly. I (with my Jackie/Hyde shipper heart) definitely get the impression that he was thinking about how Jackie was going to feel when she found out that Kelso was just using their new-found friendship, and then feeling pissed on her behalf.

You can try and deny it if you want (and I’m sure Hyde does), but she was definitely under his skin by this point.


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