Steven Hyde: Organic Character Development

A discussion with a fellow T7S fan about the characters’ unsubstantiated character shifts in season 8 inspired me to write an essay about a T7S characterization shift done well.

If a fictional character’s behavior changes, we
have to be shown why the behavior is shifting; otherwise, it’s just amateurish
writing that needs a severe edit.

For most of S1, Hyde is pretty damn selfish and not terribly likable. But
during “Prom Night,” we see new sides of him: compassion,
protectiveness, and a self-sacrificing nature. These, as yet unseen,
aspects don’t come out of nowhere. Hyde’s dislike of Jackie is never
shown to be malicious (I’m looking at you, season-8 showrunners), but he’s depicted consistently as experiencing her as an annoyance.

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