Danny Masterson Interview Taped Just Before T7S Season 5 Aired


December 6, 2002
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
Aired: 12/6/02
Taped: 9/02

First episode of T7S season 5 aired 9.17.02

Transcript from the now-defunct thefotohut.com

Craig: What can we expect this year on That 70s Show? Anything
Danny: Um, I have a new lady.
Craig: Oh, yeah? On
the show.
Danny: It’s as hot as it gets.
Craig: Is she a new actress
on the show…?
Danny: I can’t say.
Craig:  Or she an existing–oh, you can’t even say who it is?
Danny: Can’t say.
Craig: Can you
whisper it to me right here?
Danny: Can you keep a secret?
Yeah, yeah!
[Danny whispers while Mila Kunis’s picture flashes on screen.]
Danny: Yeah.
Craig: Wow.
Danny: Yeah, I know.
Naomi Campbell!
Danny: Yeah.
Craig: That’s amazing.
It’s really good because she’s really tall, and I’m 5′10, so it works out. It’s
kinda sexy actually.
Craig: That’s great.
Danny: Yeah, sparks fly.
Did you pressure the writers? Say, “Bring somebody on for me?”
Yes. Yes. She was the first choice, and we got her.


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