Season 5, Episode 6: Over the Hill and Far Away

Love how in this moment following Kitty’s menopause influenced outburst that hurts Kelso’s feelings, Red kicks the guys out knowing the last thing his wife needs at the moment is to deal with them.

Favorite part of this moment though is that while everyone is hurrying to the leave the room grabbing their coats and making a quick exit, Hyde sort of takes a very quick moment to sort of comfort Kitty. He puts his hand on Kitty’s back as he leaves, maybe sort of telling her telling her that it’s okay or it might even be his way of telling her bye on his way out.

Either way I love how while Kelso and Eric just want to get out of there and away from Kitty, Hyde takes a moment to do this. He gets that Kitty’s going through something stuff and probably thinks Kelso has it coming. And yet he doesn’t say anything like Fez does either, probably afraid to make things worse (like Fez does); so he settles with a silent swift assuring touch on the back.


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