@supernannygirl704things​ replied to your post: Request: More J&H art…

Totally second the request of more art from you. That latest sketch of yours was just amazing! Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

Thank you!! You really are too sweet ❤ 🙂

@thebooklovinggirl replied to your post: why is the fandom so racist…

I think between you and @those70scomics, this issue was covered both accurately and precisely. I, and am sure many others, were glad to have you two address and defend the JH T7S fans motives as fair, reasonable, and most definitely not racist. 🙂

Thank you, lovely! It’s much appreciated. Racism in media/fandoms/etc is obviously an important issue & one that we should be talking about, but the argument here just doesn’t fit. I’ve always been of the opinion that the t7s fandom was one of the kindest & loveliest that I’ve stumbled across, so I really don’t know what anon’s referring to. Thank you again for the support! ❤


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