Hi, I don’t know if you can answer this, but I recently got back into that 70s show again and I’m a huge Jackie and Hyde fan and I know that generally in the 70s show fandom that everyone hated season 8 (even the actors, i think? I might have seen a screenshot of Danny Masterson’s tweet about the season 8 bad writing) so have the writers for season 8 ever spoken about it/responded to all the criticism?

Hi! Yes, season 8 is much despised by most – you’re correct in Danny Masterson’s tweet, but as far as I know no-one else has spoken out about it, neither the writers or the actors. 

Also, interestingly, but pretty much everything that was released post season 8 contained absolutely zilch acknowledgement of Jackie and Hyde being together as a couple. This isn’t even me exaggerating, okay? I bought the boxset specially ‘cause I wanted to hear some commentary on my fave couple, but post-seasons 2/3 (the commentaries of which were recorded during season 7 filming), there’s nothing. Nada. Zip. Any season 5 commentaries on episodes with JH elements, and suddenly David Trainer’ll start yapping on about the set, or the live audience, or how young they look until Eric and Donna are back on screen. A little suss, if you ask me…

I think everyone decided to just pretend it never happened and to never acknowledge it ever again, tbh. This is the extent of my knowledge, anyway, but @those70scomics may have some more/better info for you!


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