there’s a world where you dance and i play.

we never got to be together and you changed before your time.
it made you a stronger person, it made me a better one.
is funny how things are, these theories of time,
paralleling and colliding our worlds.
me, i get to see the city and the bands i love;
you stayed away from bad friends and found love in other ways,
so when the tragedy finally hit, you were not alone.
this time, she took you in, saw the talent of your feet
and decided to give it to you, the great try you needed.
i found my own, too. in a hospital with a lot of questions,
but it worked out just fine. maybe even better.

across the street there’s an studio,
mommies came by and lose time on music
as their tiny dancers have fun in front.
there stands a petite girl waiting for her turn to shine,
eying the store at the other side of the road
and all the bad boys that come in and out.

pretty girls like her are my hobby,
i sit down and smoke their dance;
their attraction to addiction and grey makes me grin.
she comes by, buys a record and looks up.
there’s a moment in which sense seems ridiculous,
in this world i play and you dance,
right in front of me as your fingers bleed for new shoes
and mine do for too hard strings.
this is our new love story, ending in the same city,
adopted by time and a softer world,
our eyes meet for the first time in a second lifetime.

guess what? it’s summer.

in another life, you are still my girl. // jackie on my mind. nc. (via jacquelineshyde)

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