Red & Kitty and Jackie & Hyde Have Similar Dance Moves

Just look at those two clips! I mean granted they’re both fantasy sequences but look at how similar they are.

The spinning the girl back into the man’s arms, the way the Red/Hyde continues to hold onto Jackie/Hyde. The sort of rocking back and forth while keeping the woman in front,

Sure, Jackie and Hyde seem to be getting more into the rocking back and forth thing, just like you’d expect them too. And also, remember the bloopers from The Musical episode? Poor Kurtwood Smith!

Now you might say, “Well Hyde and Jackie were doing the Grease parody.They’re dancing like Danny and Sandy.” That’s what I always thought but watching this musical number in the Grease movie, Danny never spins Sandy like that!!

Most of the scene Jackie and Hyde are dancing like Danny and Sandy but in this moment, they’re dancing like Red and Kitty!

I have so many emotions about this!! Mostly because of that Grease sequence, but the musical ep. always cracks me up too!

I’ve never noticed this little parallel before! Thinking about it, Red/Kitty and Jackie/Hyde had so many parallels between them – I wish we could have seen more of it in the show…

Thank you for pointing this out!


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