To ff.net users: Is anyone else having trouble reviewing stories? I’ve left 5 or so reviews but they don’t seem to actually be appearing! Just wondered if it was everyone or just me?

Don’t worry much about that,it’s an error the site has been dealing with for a while. It will be fixed probably by the end of the (next) week /: You can leave your comments stil, but hey will appear until the error is fixed. 

The author will get the email you sent it, and they will be able to read part of it on their emails (like I did with yours, thank you!), but for them to answer and read them completely, the error has to face away first.

But yeah, don’t worry, your comments are there, they just need to show up and they will once the people of the site fix it 🙂

Oh, that’s a relief! Was worried I was going to have to rewrite ‘em all 🙂


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