@thestupidhelmet replied to your post: “Hogwarts AU headcanons…”

Awesome! I love that T7S fans have been posting T7S/HP AUs lately.

Also, Red’s Patronus would be a foot (it would literally kick the Dementors’ asses). Then again, do Dementors even have asses?

I love it too! That’s such an amazing idea for Red’s patronus! I love it xD

@that70sshowgoldencouple replied to your post: “Hogwarts AU headcanons…”

I love this, all of this!! @hydelovesloudgirl you did an amazing job with these headcanons and explanations. I could already see the gang walking around at Hogwarts as I read this post. Thanks for adding Red and Kitty too 😀 Although my favorite part: Hyde being a Hufflepuff. LOVELOVELOVE

Aw, thank you! I thought Kitty was so perfect for the role of matron – she loves mothering the whole gang already, why not make it an entire school? 😀 Haha. I’m so glad Hyde being a Hufflepuff was well received – I may have been a tad worried! Thank you again for your awesome comments! ❤

@that70shyde replied to your post: “Hogwarts AU headcanons…”

I absolutely love this?? Like to much for it to be true? I love the idea of Hyde being in Hufflepuff, I love the idea of Kelso being in Ravenclaw (he definitely isn’t the smartest person in the gang but he is pretty creative, original and accepting so I can totally go with it). And God, I laughed too much at Red’s patronus. That’s canon and nobody can convince me otherwise. I might do another AU with these headcanons so thank you so much for giving me the idea 💕 💕

Wow, thanks so much for the praise! I think you’ve kickstarted a whole phenomena, tbh 😀 And crikey, that’d be so cool! It’s always fantastic to hear that you’ve given people an idea! Although, credit where it’s due – if it hadn’t been for your edits I wouldn’t have done this in the first place, haha 🙂 Thanks again, I’m so glad you like these headcanons!!  ❤

@that70sshowgoldencouple replied to your post: “Neve Liveblogs Season 4″

Even though it’s Fantasy Red, I definitely love that moment too!

Thanks for sharing these comments! Glad you seem to be enjoying Season 4!

It is much better than I anticipated! And, I can totally see what you were saying about it having some great Red/Kitty episodes! Thank you for taking the time to respond to it, I was a little nervous but you always manage to make people feel welcome here! <333


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