Heart Like Yours by PoetDameron / @jacquelineshyde

We all need a place, sometimes it is in someone else. And if she could help him that way—


She felt his arms rounding her, didn’t hear the moment Steven had left his room and walked over her, but Jackie turned around slowly and let him hide his face between her shoulder and neck. He never cried, only stayed wordless until he felt strong enough to share something or, like most times, just kiss her as a thanks for not pushing him into being vulnerable.

Right now, vulnerable was exactly what he felt like in her arms. Jackie held him as long as he wished, fingers caressing tenderly his hair and ears, and sideburns, voice reassuring him softly that it will be fine, until he slowly let her go, notoriously embarrassed for—well. Everything.

“Thank you—"

“It’s okay, Steve—“

“for staying.”

Jackie looked up at him, his sunglasses were in the ground back in his room, and his blue eyes shone red. Carefully, she put a hand on his cheek and caressed with a smile. “I’ve always been here, Steven.”


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