You know, ‘Eric is Luke’ and ‘Eric has the hots for Princess Leia’ aside, Hyde and Jackie are totally Han and Leia. While Eric and Donna are too much like Luke and Mara (aka Luke’s canon wife in the ‘Star Wars Legends’ continuity). Both couples are volatile in their own way, and both are #iconic too.

Mara and Luke had to learn how to be in a relationship together, they experienced love and support together, and committed to the other almost immediately once they accepted their love. Yet, they differe a lot when it comes to general opinions but agree on the important things. Not to mention Eric does looks like Luke while Mara has red hair and is tall, curvy like Donna.

I mean, give me a break here


While Han and Leia started disliking each other and angry flirting, with Han being kind of obvious he liked Leia but being the last one to accept his feelings after she confessed love during a hard time, kind of like Jackie and Hyde. Not to mention how both couples are terribly devoted to each other, yet spend a good portion of their time together burning down each other.

Leia is a literal princess, fierce, bossy little thing, can be mistaken for self centred at first, just like Jackie. While Han is supposed to be a lazy, sarcastic piece of shit, an orphan and poor boy that grow up to be a criminal. Sounds familiar? Yeah, to me too.

So there’s a halloween Eric kinda tries to make his wife and friends dress up as the characters once Mara is introduced in the 90s, no matter they are already adults with kids and whatnot. And they all just look at him like ‘no’, but since one of Donna and Eric’s daughter birthday is on Halloween, he and Donna had to when she insist with the idea. To their surprise, the Hydes shows up dressed as the Solo Clan too (Han and Leia had three kids in Legends. Twins, male and female, and a little boy).

That’s how one of Eric’s biggest fantasies of having a cosplay group of Star Wars characters came true for like, four hours one night.


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