Debra Jo Rupp Back on The Ranch

So it looks like Debra Jo Rupp IS or very well could be guest appearing in the upcoming season of The Ranch. We saw this photo back in September and now it says she’s *back* on The Ranch. Look at the date: October! Will she be on for more that one episode? *fingers crossed*

My new theory since I don’t think Kurtwood Smith is there to film, heard he’s working on a new movie (?) is that Debra Jo Rupp will be playing Abby’s Mom!

We shall see. (I’m still hoping for a duo appearance with KS!)

Oh! And bonus photo! Check out the tweet Kurtwood Smith liked:


He likes the Sam Elliot’s Brother idea!!


That just makes me SO gosh darn happy!!! This totally the role I think and hope Kurtwood Smith can play if he guest stars in the series and I am just thrilled he liked a tweet about the idea!! Now I’m just holding onto hope that one the showrunners hears about the idea too and thinks up a script for it *crosses even more fingers*


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