you little girl are wonder and fire,
you claim the princess rol
when your hands hold a strenght no knight has.

run for your life, little girl,
here comes winter.

he climbs and terminates dreams,
eats sorrow with impetuous grin
and as he may destoy time and space for you,
monsters are always hungry
and your lips are too sweet, too full,
the cherry in them melts any blues goodbye,
becomes the color of my blood,
gives me home in the red of your chest.

didn’t mama told you about fairy tales?
you don’t give the key to the dragon,
princess, you don’t feed the monster.

if you do, who wins?
who will go to your rescue?
don’t give him your hand, princess,
why would you stay with an animal?

run for your life, little girl. 
or else,
this monster will love you forever.

i am the monster, you gotta be the princess. // jackie on my mind. nc. (via jacquelineshyde)

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