One of these days I’ll watch a movie without simultaneously turning it into a JH AU, but today is not that day.



the au collection, halloween special jennifer’s jackie’s body, part III ~ hyde’s backstory

“Nice insult, Hannah Montana. You got any more harsh digs?”

After taking Jackie to prom to help her out, the girl started to follow Hyde around to convince him to go on a date. The night she was possessed, they were supposed to meet at the bar that went on fire. Knowing the fire didn’t start by accident, Hyde can only imagine the horrors that poor girl had to live to now have to carry a demon in her body.

Before shit went down with Jackie, Hyde dealt with the same demon at only nine years old. He survived the bitch once, he will survive her again. And this time, he will save the girl.

Donna is sure there’s something else going on with Hyde, aside from his feelings for Jackie. When she asks him why he knows about demons and why he is always using those sunglasses, Hyde only smirks and assures her they will save her friend.

Sure, he can recognize this goddamn demon from all the others he has faced before. He has been chasing it for eight years. After all, all kinds can recognize their own mother.


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Heart Like Yours – Chapter VII: The Cursed Cheerleader

Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

Chapter VIII:

Jackie doesn’t know how to truly react to her new visitor and the way things are going on her room, then he’s gone and someone else reminds her she has another option and all of her decisions will be respected.

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