you little girl are wonder and fire,
you claim the princess rol
when your hands hold a strenght no knight has.

run for your life, little girl,
here comes winter.

he climbs and terminates dreams,
eats sorrow with impetuous grin
and as he may destoy time and space for you,
monsters are always hungry
and your lips are too sweet, too full,
the cherry in them melts any blues goodbye,
becomes the color of my blood,
gives me home in the red of your chest.

didn’t mama told you about fairy tales?
you don’t give the key to the dragon,
princess, you don’t feed the monster.

if you do, who wins?
who will go to your rescue?
don’t give him your hand, princess,
why would you stay with an animal?

run for your life, little girl. 
or else,
this monster will love you forever.

i am the monster, you gotta be the princess. // jackie on my mind. nc. (via jacquelineshyde)

mama, you raised a hell.
you gave me the addiction of control,
taught me red, then purple
like no one ever could.
thank you for the scar,
and the dirty lullaby too.
i’ll see you burning at home,
just don’t make a fuzz if i don’t sit with you.
you see, there’s only place for one at the throne.

there’s nothing more destructive than a mother’s hate. // hyde’s moleskinenc.
(via jacquelineshyde)

there’s a world where you dance and i play.

we never got to be together and you changed before your time.
it made you a stronger person, it made me a better one.
is funny how things are, these theories of time,
paralleling and colliding our worlds.
me, i get to see the city and the bands i love;
you stayed away from bad friends and found love in other ways,
so when the tragedy finally hit, you were not alone.
this time, she took you in, saw the talent of your feet
and decided to give it to you, the great try you needed.
i found my own, too. in a hospital with a lot of questions,
but it worked out just fine. maybe even better.

across the street there’s an studio,
mommies came by and lose time on music
as their tiny dancers have fun in front.
there stands a petite girl waiting for her turn to shine,
eying the store at the other side of the road
and all the bad boys that come in and out.

pretty girls like her are my hobby,
i sit down and smoke their dance;
their attraction to addiction and grey makes me grin.
she comes by, buys a record and looks up.
there’s a moment in which sense seems ridiculous,
in this world i play and you dance,
right in front of me as your fingers bleed for new shoes
and mine do for too hard strings.
this is our new love story, ending in the same city,
adopted by time and a softer world,
our eyes meet for the first time in a second lifetime.

guess what? it’s summer.

in another life, you are still my girl. // jackie on my mind. nc. (via jacquelineshyde)

i can’t number the quantity of hot girls in my life,
it started when i was too young to desire,
and it destroyed me once i was
old enough to experience bodies.

but her, how i wanted her to be one of them.
girls like her won’t ever use a sweaty shirt,
she wears your arms and smiles as it rains,
dries her tears on your shoulder
and will give you her lips in exchange.
girls like her messes you up,
ruins other women for you,
you will never stick yourself elsewhere
and she’ll make you wish she was yours forever.

beautiful girls steals the sun’s show,
they warm you in love and teach you to enjoy.
hot girls, they get in the dirt, give it to you.
easier than childhood days, wonderful as any bliss.
oh, how much have i enjoy those,
wet beds moving as it gets rougher and rougher…

          not her.

she’s astonishment in the morning,
a warm laugh after climax,
soft hands touching places i don’t remember to have,
the whole meaning of love making.
this beautiful girl has light of her own,
makes you look up and be glad to beg for her love.

girls like her have dreams to fulfill fifty lifetimes
and a heart capable to love for a hundred more.
she may broke yours, and you will thank her anyway.

if you are lucky enough, you’ll meet her,
standing under her purple umbrella,
waiting for you to realize she’s right there.
this is the girl you don’t see as the red of other’s blinds you.
but she’s The One, you know.
she’s the muse that will do you better,
and who will keep you clean,
that reason to survive and fight the horrors on your closet,
the home that will protect you from the black rain,
the sun that will dry it all, make a new day.

in my life, i’d had countless birds on my hands,
can’t tell them all,
nameless bodies from drunken nights.
but her, i could write her name with no memory,
find her on my freckles, engraved on my skin.

out the blue, a beautiful girl came to me,
kissed away my misery,
held me close to her chest
even as i was soaking wet in the rain,
she put her purple umbrella over my head, gave me shelter.

then, i destroyed her dreams, laughed her desires out,
rip her heart to shreds
and kick them away from her hands to reach.
yet, all the time, she forgave me,
she gave me love when i needed it the most,
begged me for just a word and left with empty hands.
came back still, kissed the sorrow away.
you don’t do this to a beautiful girl, you don’t.
regardless of this, once more, she forgave me.

i can’t number the quantity of hot girls in my life,
it started when i was too young to desire,
and it destroyed me once i was
old enough to experience bodies.

i met her when she tried to love a false icon,
gave her consolation and predicted our story.
oh boy, i fell in love with her like you learn a language:
slowly and in constant contact.
you never persive when you get good at it,
but when you realize, the fulfilment in your chest,
the sensation of having the right praise,
that you are the one who can make everything possible,
man, that’s how you know.
you love her.

i can’t number the quantity of hot girls in my life,
but I can tell you, not effort to remember,
the quantity of women i have ever loved:

i always wanted to kiss you.
at first, the magnitude of my curiosity annoyed me;
with time, i used to watch a second too long
the way your chin and your cheeks moved
as you kissed him in front of me.
soon, i imagined how would it be with me.
your scent, your breath, your tongue.
what kind of flavour you’d have,
and if you would like to kiss me back.
my favorite part was the intensity in the color
of your eyes when you opened them on my dreams.
yes, baby,
i always wanted to kiss you.

you were /that/ important.
i mean, we were lonely kids trying to pass the time at first.
sometimes i think we were put together almost as a joke,
and we probably made lots of people laugh as we struggle.
it was no party to take your hand,
but you remind the why and wherefore i’m standing.
at night, in those years, while you slept over my chest,
my mind travelled to little scenes of what we’ll do in our home, 
with a family of our own.
i used to kiss your forehead,
hoping to be strong enough to give you all.
you will always be /that/ important, doll.

i’m in love with you.
you will always be my greatest treasure,
the grand adventure,
happiest time of my life,
and the biggest price i had to paid.
our story will never be a regret for me,
yet i can’t help but wish i would have played my rol better,
i now dream of the past, try to picture me telling you the truth.
grasshopper, where you go i’ve gotta be.
but tonight, i’ll put on the tv as i take dinner by my own.
i don’t have to see you, i still can’t bring myself to do it.
but i will listen this time. with just to heard you now,
it will be enough for me.

truths that i owed to you. // jackie on my mind. nc. (via jacquelineshyde)

You can feel in the third year Jackie tries to hook into a man who means something to her and whom she can trust. Her relationship with Kelso begins to show serious cracks and the sort of… seed of the relationship that’s gonna be with Hyde begins to emerge.

David Trainer on Season 3, Spike TV Interview